At Dow Janes, we put you in control of your money.

Throw out those beliefs that tell you wealth isn't in your stars. We teach empowering, easy-to-grasp financial strategies for women+ who want to take control, build serious wealth, and carve out their own financial future (because your financial fairy tale should have a happy, hefty ending).

Dow Janes class with women answering questions about paying off debt, saving, and investing
Britt and Laurie Anne Dow Janes celebrating in bathtub and laughing together - Financial Literacy Education for Women

Put simply, we're here to help you transform your relationship with money.

Honestly? We started Dow Janes to help teach our friends how to invest. We couldn't stand by watching financial advice that didn't take into account the unique experiences and strengths of women+.

And so, Dow Janes was born — in Britt's living room amongst a circle of girlfriends who wanted to do something about how they build wealth for themselves.

We've seen you give everything you’ve got—heart on your sleeve, generosity on tap. And we're betting our bottom dollar you've got what it takes to channel that same energy toward your own financial well-being and prosperity, too.

Dow Janes - Women only hold 32% of the world's wealth even though we make up half of the population

The Dow Janes Difference

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Pleasurable Rituals: You deserve financial habits that feel as good as your morning coffee. Imagine a budget that doesn't squeeze the joy outta life but amplifies it. If splurging on that artisanal chocolate or streaming service sparks joy, who are we to kill your vibe? Your budget should be a feel-good hit, not a guilt trip.
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Money Mindset: Money talk can get real, real fast. It's not just about numbers; it's about the stories you tell yourself. We're here to help you tackle the tales you tell yourself about money, then slide into the practical magic of savings and investing — making sure your assets are silently working for you in the background.
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Support That Sticks: Ditch the drive-by financial advice. We're like the circle of girlfriends who rally around you when the chips are down, who cheer the loudest at your wins, and always tell you the truth — with a wink and a nudge towards the net worth you deserve. Our community's got your back, our resources are legit, and together, we make 'rich' feel reachable.
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Britt and Laurie Anne Dow Janes Financial Literacy Education for Women

Meet Our Co-founders: Britt and Laurie-Anne

Dow Janes sprang from the minds of two female investors, both in their 30s and sitting atop a combined net wealth over $6 million.

Britt Williams-Baker - Dow Janes Financial Literacy Education for Women

Britt Williams Baker


Britt Williams Baker (she/her) is more than a Harvard Business School grad; she's a seasoned investor with a decade of experience and a passion for reshaping financial mindsets.

Her personal mission is clear: to empower those often overlooked by the traditional financial industry, with a practical, step-by-step approach to saving and investing.

As co-founder of Dow Janes, Britt has helped over 8,000 women+ to kick debt to the curb, master money management, and dip their toes into the investment pool for the very first time.

Britt's belief is simple: financial literacy is a right, not a privilege. You deserve the confidence, clarity, and calm that come with financial stability.

Britt's insights have been featured in select publications, including INSIDER, GoBankingRates, Yahoo! Finance, and podcasts like Money You Should Ask and Impact Labs, spreading her message far and wide.

Laurie Anne King - Dow Janes Financial Literacy Education for Women

Laurie-Anne King


Laurie-Anne King (she/her) is a mindset & empowerment coach and financial education teacher who lights a fire under you to get moving on your money goals.

She’s on a mission to show women that the life they dream of isn't just a fantasy—it's totally within reach.

This serial entrepreneur with a knack for numbers has whipped up not one, but two seven-figure businesses from the ground up, proving financial freedom isn't just for the lucky few.

Her approach to money management and healing go hand-in-hand, fusing solid financial strategies with empowerment coaching, guiding women+ to reshape their finances and their lives.

With Laurie-Anne's guidance, over 10,000 women+ have stepped into their power, waving goodbye to financial stress and hello to a life of abundance and ease.

Meet Our Coaches

Dow Janes Financial Education for Women Coach Teri

Coach Teri

Financial Coach

Certified Financial Coach with over 15 years of experience, personally paid off over $200k in debt. Specializes in values-based spending, getting organized, and getting out of debt.

Financial Coach Alicia - Dow Janes

Coach Alicia

Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years of experience. Specializes in helping women+ build long-term wealth.

Financial Coach Craig - Dow Janes

Coach Craig

Investment Advisor

Registered Investment Advisor (and 3rd generation financial planner!) Specializes in advanced investing strategies and building wealth.

Dow Janes Financial Education for Women Coach Melinda

Coach Melinda

Financial Coach

Certified Financial Coach, personally eliminated over $183k in debt, doubled her income, and quadrupled her net worth. Specializes in debt and credit coaching.

Dow Janes Financial Education for Women Coach Jaclyn

Coach Jaclyn

Financial Coach

Certified Transformational and Financial Coach, has worked with hundreds of individuals to use coaching to transform their lives.

Dow Janes Financial Education for Women Coach Mary

Coach Mary

Financial Coach

Built 5 businesses, specializes in mindset, and helping you start your business or side hustle.

Dow Janes Financial Education Coach Kat

Coach Kat

Financial Coach

Increased her net wealth by over $40k, paid off $63k of debt, specializes in saving, budgeting, and mindset coaching.

Coach Veronica

Coach Veronica

Mindset & Accountability Coach

Simplifies Dow Janes programs, guiding you along the Financial Roadmap, helping you stay in a regulated mindset, and connecting you to our supportive community.

Coach Jessica - financial coach, former cpa at Dow Janes

Coach Jessica

Financial Coach

Former CPA, accredited investor and fierce financial advocate. Specializing in investing, real estate, money mindset, budgeting, and recovering from traumatic money experiences.

We Believe...

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Trusted by over 17,000 Women+ Like You

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"My partner and I are MUCH more intentional with our spending, which is helping us a lot right now.  It feels good to be making intentional choices about money. It is a great way to get a foundation of financial literacy. The information is valuable and the program walks you through step by step. There are so many great webinars about relevant topics, too. It is worth every penny!"

Elise B.
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"I now feel more secure in myself and my ability to take care of my financial needs and my household. I realize that these skills I'm learning now are essential to living a happy, confident, adult life. I'll never go back to the way I was before. Financial health is important to me and I learned I can do it! It's given me the tools to teach my child too."

Happy Million Dollar Year program participant Rebecca
Rebecca V.
Five star review - happy clients - icon purple

"For the first time in my life I am excited about money and feel confident in my financial future."

Lizzie C.
Happy Million Dollar Year program participant Amy E
Five star review - happy clients - icon purple

"I'm confident that once my debt is paid off, I will begin investing and the snowball effect from that will carry me towards the future I deserve. It's also provided a framework for conversations with my husband about finances. Our overall household budget has improved considerably."

Amy E.
Five star review - happy clients - icon purple

"I now have awareness of where my money is going and less fear about facing where I am at this point. It is bringing in reality, light, and some order. It is increasing my confidence and courage. Digging deep is hard. The psychological aspects of this program, well, GENIUS, Britt and Laurie-Anne!"

Jenny G.
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