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The Higher Standard podcast cover art
Chris chats with Britt Williams Baker, Harvard graduate and co-founder of Dow Janes, a financial education company that exists to get women in control of their money.
The Money Insights podcast cover art
Christian and Rod interview Britt Baker, co-founder of Dow Janes, a financial strategy company created for women who want to learn to take control of their money and invest!
Empowering Women+ podcast cover art
Dow Janes is a financial education company empowering women+ to get in control of their money. They believe that women+ with money have more choices and louder voices.
A Lesson on How to Think Like an Investor podcast cover art
Britt Baker and her company Dow Janes are on a mission to get 10,000 women invested by the year 2025. Why? Because good things happen when women have money.
empowered spirituality podcast cover art
Britt talks about why taking care of our finances can be a spiritual practice and some ways to approach your finances if you are new to this world.
The 29 Minute Mom podcast cover art
If you want to get your money organized, learn how to save money, and invest it properly, you are in the right place! Today my guest, Britt Williams Baker, will be discussing this very important topic.
The Mom Inspired Show podcast cover art
Laurie-Anne King talks about money and how to navigate the cost of living increase we are experiencing in 2022. She shares her story of how she paid off 40k worth of debt to now coaching women to have a certain mindset regarding money.
Raging Gracefully podcast cover art
Britt Baker of Dow Janes is back to teach us how to improve our relationship with financial planning by creating a money ritual!
The Mom Inspired Show podcast cover art
Britt Baker talks about figuring out our values with spending money. From living in Costa Rica for a month, to managing inflation and how this might be the perfect time to start your side hustle. Also how to teach kids how to invest in a fun way.
Doing Relationship Right podcast cover art
Rewrite Your History with Money to Achieve Financial FREEDOM
She Who Wins podcast cover art
Britt Baker, co-founder of Dow Janes, talks all about money and how she’s bringing a step-by-step approach to saving and investing. Britt is a Harvard Business School graduate and an expert investor with 10+ years of experience as a money mindset coach.
Financial Feminist Podcast Artwork
Just like your skincare regimen changes with age, so should how you manage your finances. Tori is joined by Britt and Laurie-Anne of Dow Janes to chat about managing finances over 30 and how it’s different from how you might manage them in your 20s.
The Divorced Woman's Guide podcast cover art
Money can be an overwhelming source of stress or anxiety before, during, and after divorce. While it can be difficult to confront $$$ issues, women going through divorce and debts can start recognizing that it is just a number. Taking that first step towards knowing that is something you should be proud of.
Experts podcast cover art
Britt Baker is disrupting the financial learning landscape by simplifying the process of educating yourself on money, retirement, investment and budgeting. As she said it is all learnable. She has great positive energy and removes the intimidating of money from the learning process.
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