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Our most advanced coaching program, with unprecedented 1:1 support, by application only.

Personalized Wealth Acceleration Plan™

Increase your lifetime net wealth.

Personalized Wealth Acceleration Plan

It’s time to stop playing hide and seek with your bank balance. The Wealth Building Accelerator is our most advanced coaching program designed for ambitious women+ aiming to increase their net wealth over their lifetime.

With personalized 1:1 coaching and our exclusive Personalized Wealth Acceleration Plan™, you’re not just learning about wealth building; you’re actively increasing your savings, income, and investments. You gain unparalleled access to our most advanced investing content, along with all other Dow Janes programs, including Million Dollar Year and Intentional Investing.

You won’t find this kind of support for wealth building anywhere else.

3 steps to

Increase Your Wealth

Income plan
Make an Income Plan
Get our step-by-step implementation Playbooks to increase your income.
Saving Plan
Make a Saving Plan
You'll create your Saving Plan with your values, goals, and spending habits in mind.
Investing Plan
Make an Investment Plan
Learn the strategy for using the power of compound interest to grow your wealth.
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"I'm entering into more of an abundance mindset instead of scarcity."

Happy Million Dollar Year program participant Aja
Aja P.
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"I now have control. I am still learning but I feel like I have a place to start and that I am not helpless."

Happy Million Dollar Year program participant Rachel
Rachel L.
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"I have seen a tremendous shift in my view of money and earning potential. I now feel more confident that I can and will maintain financial clarity and have the know-how to manage my money wisely. I feel so much more confident in the lingo and process of investing. I have plans to increase and make new investments within this year."

Happy Million Dollar Year program participant Emily
Emily B.
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"I felt helpless with the debt I had and not gaining any financial ground. I had terrible spending habits and had been overspending. Now, I have been more focused on my finances and obtaining my goals, instead of feeling lost and out of control. I have a clear plan and I am sticking to a budget better than I ever have!"

Happy Million Dollar Year program participant Samantha
Samantha D.
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Best value

Wealth Building Accelerator

one-time payment
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Wealth Building Accelerator Curriculum
  • Unlimited access for one year
  • Simple to follow financial education video training
  • Income Playbooks for increasing your income!
  • Training Vault with 30+ courses to fast-track your progress: managing finances in partnership, financially preparing for divorce, paying off student loans, and more
  • Includes the Million Dollar Year and Intentional Investing courses
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Coaching and support
  • Drop-in office hours with financial coaches
  • On-demand unlimited access to our coaching team with one-on-one coaching
  • Monthly WBA exclusive group call to learn with the community and discuss the WBA program
  • Monthly Community calls to celebrate your financial wins as a Dow Janes community and feel inspired by hearing from a Member Spotlight
  • Monthly expert-led workshops on topics like managing business finances, real estate investing, or negotiating a raise
  • 24/7 online community to share wins and get unstuck in an encouraging space
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By application only


What is the Wealth Building Accelerator (WBA)?

The WBA is a comprehensive program designed to enhance your financial literacy and build wealth. It includes 6 detailed video modules covering topics from Wealth Mindset to Investment Planning, along with practical tools and strategies for financial growth.

How does the one-on-one coaching work?

You'll have unlimited access to our coaching team via private messages (voice, video, text) for ongoing support. Additionally, you get unlimited targeted coaching calls for in-depth discussions on complex financial matters.

Is WBA just another online program with big promises?

Absolutely not. WBA is a hands-on, content-rich program backed by our unique "3-C Method" – curriculum, coaching, and community. We focus on practical and actionable wealth-building strategies.

How is WBA different from the Million Dollar Year program?

Million Dollar Year is for basic financial wellness, ideal for those new to financial literacy. WBA is a more advanced, intensive program focusing on net wealth increase and wealth creation strategies, including extensive personal coaching.

What if I haven't completed Million Dollar Year?

No worries. You keep your access to Million Dollar Year, and both programs are designed to complement each other.

How do I know if WBA is right for me?

If you prioritize financial growth, desire to make your money work for you, and are committed to long-term wealth building, WBA is likely a great fit. Our application process ensures that we align with your financial goals and readiness.

What support does WBA offer apart from the curriculum?

Beyond the curriculum, you get unlimited financial coaching, accountability coaching, access to our exclusive online community, and monthly group calls exclusively for WBA members.

Is there a community aspect in the WBA?

Yes, there’s a vibrant, private community for members to connect, share experiences, and support each other in wealth building.

How can I start?

You can begin by booking a discovery call with our team to discuss your financial goals and program details.

How much time do you recommend I spend on this each week?

The program is self paced, but we recommend you spend at least 1 hour per week on it. If you want to see immediate results, then we recommend 2-3 hours per week. One to two hours to make your way through the course curriculum and take action. One hour focused on your finances every week - don’t worry, we tell you exactly how to spend this hour!

I’m close to retirement…is it too late for me?

The short answer: no. The long answer: the less time you have left, the faster you need to act. We have many members in their 50s and 60s, even some in their 70s, who are now taking control of their finances and making a workable retirement plan. If you’re closer to retirement age, then you’ve wasted enough of your life worrying about finances. Make a decision today to do something so you can enjoy financial peace for the rest of your life – and get yourself out of the grind!!

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DISCLAIMER: This content is provided for educational purposes only. Dow Janes does not provide individual investment advice. You are solely responsible for the financial decisions you make. Dow Janes makes no guarantees of results or investment income.