A Peek into my Minimalist Lifestyle

March 14, 2023
I’ve talked before about my minimalist lifestyle. Well, today I’m opening up my door and welcoming you in for a minimalist home tour!
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I’ve talked before about my minimalist lifestyle – how I believe in simplicity and removing physical and mental clutter.

Well, today, I’m showing you what I mean.

I’m opening up my front door and welcoming you in for a minimalist home tour!

(Would you like a cup of tea? Come on in! I’ll put the kettle on 😉)

We often have this idea that anyone with money lives in a custom-built home that looks fresh out of the pages of Architectural Digest: floor-to-ceiling windows, a chateau-inspired dining room, maybe a conservatory (whatever that is)...

I disagree.

For me, simple is better.

Of course, I realize that a 800-square-foot house isn’t realistic for everybody. I’m not saying you need to sell all your worldly possessions and cram into the smallest space you can find.

But I hope that, no matter what your life looks like, this stirs up some ideas of how you can eliminate clutter, utilize space more effectively, and live a little more minimally.

Remember, even if you can afford more, it doesn’t mean you need more.

Anyway, welcome to my home!! Thanks for stopping by 😉

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